Less vs. More (The Art of Saying Hi & Bye)

In life, we all know that sometimes less is more and vice versa. As 2013 comes to a close, NOW is the perfect time for you (& me) to look at every area of our lives and decide what needs to be added and what needs to go. (We can definitely learn to “create” the art of saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to certain things, people, or circumstances.)

Okay…so there are 8 key areas that have to be looked at closely if you really want change.

Want less stress? More positive people in your life? Better health and more energy?  Want your finances to improve?

C’mon… we all have those certain parts that are just crying out for positive change lol.

Here’s a wheel of life example. Yep, like so many of us, as you can see, it is unbalanced.

wheel of life unbalanced

As you think about each area, decide on what you want to improve and write down some things that can be done to get you to your goals. With faith, prayer, action, & determination, change will come!

This is a good starting point for getting MORE of what you value and LESS of the mess that you don’t want cluttering your life.

Alrighty now. Let’s do it! Remember time waits for nobody…;) Cheers to a joyful, turned UP life…

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