Are you feeling HAPPY (like Pharrell Williams)?

I have to admit I am a HUGE lover of music. If there’s one thing that brings me joy after a long trying day, it’s listening to a good song that elevates my mood and puts a big ole smile on my face. And yes, Pharrell Williams’s song ‘Happy’ makes me a very happy girl indeed lol.

Anyways, besides Pharrell Williams and his music lol… have you ever thought about what truly makes YOU happy? Just what is it that makes you smile and gets you fired up to start the day?

I guarantee if you asked 10 people what it means to be happy, chances are you will get a variety of answers.

But you know what? I believe that life is an experience where we can choose to have joy no matter what the circumstances are that we face, and it all begins with having an attitude of gratitude.

God blesses us every day just by granting us life. Have you ever thought about that? Your heart is beating to a rhythm, and you have air to breathe. Not to mention, we live in a world where there is access to all kinds of amazing resources to live better.
Yes, life is complicated and full of setbacks, but you can help determine whether or not you will bounce back and how quickly that will happen.

By being thankful for what you already have, you are then able to look at things with optimism and hope.

Speaking of optimism and hope, I recently watched a very inspiring documentary on Netflix called Charles Bradley: Soul of America. It tells the true story of Charles Bradley, a soul singer in his 60s who battles many personal struggles all while striving to succeed in the music industry for the first time.


If you love feel-good inspirational movies, then this is a must-see. Check it out!

On a final note, please remember that God, opportunities, optimism, and determination can give our lives a whole new meaning. I’ve personally seen how God can take the bad and make it good, then take the good and make it GREAT.

Be encouraged! Never forget to let your light shine no matter who rejects it.

Turn UP your life and press play.

I love you to LIFE! 

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