Our Culture & Beauty Obsession: An Honest Review of Beyoncé’s Song “Pretty Hurts”


While I don’t consider myself to be a huge Beyoncé fan (due to much of her current music lacking substance), I will say that I admire her song “Pretty Hurts”.  Both the lyrics and music video speak volumes about what’s taking place in our society today.

Let’s see …we have aspiring models who starve themselves before photo shoots, young teenage girls who overeat, then force themselves to throw up in order to avoid getting “fat”, and not to mention the major amount of pressure everyday people feel to look like the celebs they see in the media.

In today’s age of Facebook and other social media platforms, taking selfies and trying to maintain a certain “look” seems to be the norm, but what about our souls?  When you and I look at magazines,  music videos, etc, what we may not realize is that so much of what we see is edited and photoshopped.

It’s just not real.  So why even compare ourselves to images that are fabricated?

Personally, I remember growing up as a little mocha girl with thick, bushy hair (before the natural hair phenomenon) in a world that still doesn’t always appreciate all ranges of beauty.  Speaking from that experience, I totally understand what it’s like to be obsessed with beauty and feel the need to compare myself with others.

Like so many others, it definitely took me a while to appreciate my own unique beauty, but I had to start with God and also by realizing that everything He creates is already beautiful and full of purpose.  The only way we can mess up that beauty is when we don’t honor it or otherwise neglect ourselves by consuming junk (i.e. bad food choices, destructive habits, viewing or listening to negative people/media)

So…do you like what you see when you look in the mirror?

If you feel unattractive, ask yourself why…I encourage journaling and prayer to release negativity. If you feel unattractive for emotional, physical, or spiritual reasons, please remember its never too late to begin your journey of being a healthier, happier YOU.

TRUE beauty always starts with the soul.


Until next time make it a lovely  day!  And, please, don’t forget to turn UP your life and press play;)

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