Day 3: Swapping Out Foods… (and Still Havin’ Fun Eating It)

Here we go again! Its Day 3 of the Fit & Fab 30 Day Challenge. I hope you’re having fun.


Yesterday was little bit of struggle for me because I was so tired due to Nashville’s rain and MORE rain lol.

Okay…I’ll also admit that sticking to a low-carb diet has its challenges because sometimes I crave sugary, starchy stuff.

What I’ve been doing lately is making a trade-off. Instead of going to the trusty store to  pick up ice cream or donuts, I make a smoothie, and I kid you not. It tastes JUST LIKE ICECREAM.

Also, if I crave Lay’s potato chips, I buy some unflavored pork rinds (these are very low carb) and dip them in hot sauce or a little ranch dressing or I will roast some kale leaves in the oven with olive oil and sea salt. I never thought I’d like that, but it tastes better than potato chips in my opinion.

So today…I’m want to share with you my favorite new “sweet treat” when I have a crazy urge for a candy bar or something “bad”. So here goes…


Big THICK “Snickers” Smoothie

Half a frozen banana (If the banana is not frozen, then add a few cubes of ice to make it thick)

Half a cup of vanilla unsweetened almond milk

1 tbspn peanut butter

2 tspns of Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder

Dash of cinnamon and nutmeg (optional)

2 packets of Stevia (Stevia is a NATURAL low-carb sweetener available at Kroger and other grocers)

(Because I’m counting carbs, I just used half a banana. But feel free to double the ingredients if you want it BIG lol.)

Blend it and enjoy! I promise ya’ll…this is so GOOOOD especially if you like Snickers or Reeses.

Please remember fitness has its ups and downs, but KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON.

Gotta healthy recipe to share?! Please share it below. I’d love to try it. 😉

Peace & Blessings!!

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