Knock Out Your Fears! How to Fight Fear and Win

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This is kinda hard, but I’m going to be quite honest with you. Fear is a very touchy subject for me because throughout my journey in life I’ve wrestled with uncertainty. I often felt lost and alone due to some of the trials God placed in my path that later became powerful life-lessons for me.

Like many in our world today, some of those challenges included dysfunctional relationships, self-image issues, and watching a couple of close loved ones (& others) struggle with destructive behavior. I didn’t really understand fully what my purpose was during those difficult years.

I lost my way. Does that sound familiar? know what?! I realize now that those HARD, rough patches of my life were meant to mold and shape me into a stronger, more emotionally smart and creative person.

The only problem is when you focus too much on the negative aspects of your journey while not considering what you’ve learned from it, depression can easily set in.

No matter what your background or beliefs are, think about some of our world’s greatest leaders. You and I could learn a lot from them.

Jesus Christ. As a person of faith who has studied the life of Jesus and is fully aware of how He miraculously saved me from destruction  on more than one occasion, I know for a fact His journey over 1,000 years ago was HARD.  Although he made such a powerful, amazing impact on  everyone he spoke to and physically touched, he faced much rejection from ‘haters’ (still does today) who had no desire to get to know Him for themselves. Jesus paid the ultimately price when tortured and crucified, But guess what? Death couldn’t stop Him. He still remains an all-powerful life changer for many people today and His ministry continues…

Don’t believe me? Check out & website of former atheist Lee Strobel. (

Oprah Winfrey-You’re probably familiar with Oprah Winfrey’s story. She came from poverty, was raised in the South, but yes God had a plan for her. She’s now owns a huge media empire.

Oh and there’s more…Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Maya Angelou, Henry Ford,  Madam CJ Walker, Chris Gardner and many others. All of these people overcame many personal struggles to become powerful figures in society. do you knock out your fears? You face them head on, fight the good fight, & keep moving forward in life.

SMILE while thinking of the victory to come as you move through each and every challenge and surround yourself with positive people who want to see you make it to the finish line.

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By taking action everyday, fear will no longer control you.

So let’s go! Somebody needs to see YOUR gifts in action!;)


    1. You’re very welcome Myles.:) The more I read about our great leaders and their struggles, the more I feel encouraged to wrestle through my own. I’m a firm believer that through Christ ALL things are possible. Stay strong!:)

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