Finding REST in Life’s Storms: The Beauty in Takin’ Breaks

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Okay… so with the new year, perhaps you’ve thought about your life more closely and considered what needs to stay, what needs to go, and which areas you want to change for the better, right? Cool. We’re in this together ya’ll!;)

With each new year, there should be a sense of renewal and refocusing.

Let me ask you something. Do you ever feel really, really TIRED? Worst yet, ever feel like you’re going in 1,001 different directions with your personal and professional life? Well… come on in and join the club!

Let me share with you my latest “storm” experience…

Over the holidays, I had a lot going on with the many endeavors I’ve been trying to get off the ground along with a host of other stuff. I became sick and felt so SUPER drained…in every way possible. Flu season is no joke lol. 😉 I found my illnesses particularly challenging because I did not have much energy or enthusiasm anything.

But here’s what sickness taught me:  It’s OKAY to take a break. Shutting off the phone, social media, tv or whatever we view as “necessary” outlets for a little while can often be a huge BLESSING in disguise.

Sometimes your mind, body, and spirit need that quiet time for healing whether it’s due to a sickness or major emotional setback. During these “down” moments, you then have the opportunity to think clearly and maybe even release some pent up toxic emotions. Prayer, journaling, inspirational music, and Bible time can be great tools to get you back in great shape and feeling like a CHAMP.

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There is so much beauty in taking a break. The world needs you and your gifts, BUT you can only share your AWESOMENESS if you take good care of YOU.

Remember…God has a purpose for every twist and turn in our lives and the ability to find rest and peace in every storm is a great gift.

This is NOT about being lazy.

It’s about…

-Recharging your “batteries”

-Gaining mental clarity

-Restoring health and creativity..

-Finding and maintaining JOY.

Most of all, its about living YOUR best life so you can be a light in this oftentimes dark world.

So…turn UP your life and press play. Here we go!;)


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