Wanna Get FIT With Me?


Personally, I’ve gained and lost…lost and gained weight for several years now due to stress and other emotional factors (basically from the highs and lows of life lol). Throughout certain times in my journey, I noticed that I was able to lose weight  through faith, developing a more positive mindset as well as increasing my activity level while making better food choices. (Of course, that process is SO much easier said than done.)

Fast forward to the present, as I continue my journey on a deeper level as a life coach (and Fitness Consultant with Beachbody), I’ve decided NOW is  the best time to get fit and STAY fit. Since I’ve learned and can now better understand my triggers for gaining weight in the first place, my goal is to share and inspire you also. We can do this together!

Here its all about Faith, Fun, Fitness, Inspiration,  and lots of SOUL. As a firm believer in Christ, I’ve learned that through Him all things are truly possible.

After all, any level of success takes a vision, consistent action & time. There’s a daily process of growth/changes that must happen. You know…kind of like a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly;)

So…. no matter where you are in your spiritual, physical, or emotional journey, just know that you can find words of encouragement and motivation here at RenataInspires.com. Cheers to YOUR success. We’re in this together. Let’s turn UP our lives and press play!!

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