Is Customer Service A Lost Art? 5 Tips For Getting & Keeping AWESOME People!!

Office Workers Clapping at Office Party

Have you ever gone to a restaurant or retail store and left feeling completely annoyed by the staff who worked there?  That’s so nerve-wrecking, right? I’ve had this experience on many occasions and thought to myself, “Hmmm…what was that all about? I’m a paying customer…how unacceptable.”

Guess what? Most people, like you and I, who have negative experiences never return to those businesses, BUT they will tell their friends and others how bad the service was. Word of mouth spreads quickly and in today’s social media age, it spreads lightning-fast.

No matter what type of business or profession you’re in, wouldn’t you agree that we are all in the “people” business in one way or another?

I strongly believe that true success is measured by the number of lives we touch in a positive way.

So… in the spirit of entrepreneurship, I want to share super simple tips on getting & keeping good people.  Building positive relationships can be an enjoyable experience.

1. Keep it Real (in a good way). Humbleness, a smile plus  a great attitude can take you far.

2. Show Appreciation. Thanking others for their time and support shows them that they are valued.

3. Dare to be different.  Every little act of kindness or creative genius has the potential to set you apart from the pack. Have some fun with it!;)

4. Honor Loyalty. Reward repeat customers.

5. Remember the Golden Rule. Treating others with a level of excellence means going above and beyond the norm. When you give others your best, more doors of opportunity will open up in ways that you never imagined.


Inspirational verse:

I Thessalonians 5:16-19 NIV Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances; this is the will of God for your life.

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